Saturday, August 05, 2006

Floyd Landis…the Truth, the Fans, and the Future

The announcement of Floyd’s second drug test clouded the day. We cheered for him, a California resident, as winner of the Tour of California 2006. He inspired us with effort, tenacity with a disintegrating hip, and humble beginnings. We delighted watching Landis win the Tour de France 2006.

May he be vindicated. I offer the benefit of the doubt, and avoid other annoying problems: betraying a team, sponsors, family, and fans. When does reality preclude hopeful hearts? Not today.

Always tell the truth, Floyd. If you are guilty, can you swing a bat? Other professional sports are more forgiving.


  1. This was in the Whittier Daily News on Friday, 18 August 2006.

  2. Cindi will be hoping that you saved her a copy of this!