Saturday, August 26, 2006

Camping Girl

Brianna and her parents went camping. They made smores, fished, and rode bikes. Everyone had a great time.


  1. life's a lot of fun! sometimes it's even more fun to live vicariously. i feel as if i've known brianna very well all of her life, although i think we've only met in person twice. i've seen pictures of steve the same age as jonah in that picture grinning ear to ear with his blond child in arms, which reminds me of the cyclical nature of our lives, even though we see our own only as one enduring metamorphasis. thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun or not, Brianna's fortunate to have so many people who live vicariously through her youth and enthusiasm for life. I think every day of my own wonderful, perfect children when I read to her and get her to sleep on the same bed they all slept in at one time or another. A privelege for us all to participate in the lives of others. Or, better said, I love you, Rob and David and Andrew, and Mom, and Steve and everyone else, even my big brother.

  3. It's nice to get caught up on the blog now that I'm back on the computer. It is nice to keep up with growing Briana and share life with all of you. That photo of Jonah and Brianna is the kind of photo that grown up girls frame and put on their desks once they are away at college or land a career or put together a memory montage for their wedding day. Touching moments...getting time to play with loved ones makes life rich. Being with Glen on a playful vacation really meant so much to me, too.