Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Eve Dog Rescue @ LAX

Glen rescued an escaped fancy dog in the parking garage/LAX Terminal 6 on New Year's Eve. This poodle, Benji, was wearing a fancy outfit and leash. She was nuts and running crazy--probably frightened, loose with no owner in sight. Glen opened our car door, and she jumped in. Glen was able to grab her leash. He took charge and calmed the dog down - whisperer style. While we were waiting for the airport police to arrive to help determine what to do next, the owners returned to their car nearby. They were upset when they noticed the dog was gone, and we heard them scream its name. We reunited the dog with the owner chick. Attention dog owners: a chip is of no value when a normal person finds your dog and wants to call you to find out how to get it back to you. If you are going to chip your pet, get a tag with your phone number, too! And one more thing...don't leave the window down and your dog inside the car.