Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas Eve Family Breakfast 2011

Mark your calendars for the morning of December 24, 2011. You are invited to breakfast at our home for the traditional Peterson Christmas Eve Family Breakfast. We will look forward to hosting. This will be a fun and tasty alternative to breakfast out at a local restaurant. This will be our Christmas gift to the family. So plan your holiday commitments accordingly, and help us to remember this hospitable idea and early invitation in 11 months. Perhaps the menu may include pancakes, egg casserole, a gooey baked French toast, bacon, sausage, juice, and coffee, but we'll leave those details for another day.


  1. Sounds wonderful to me and you all know how I like something usable or disposable that I don't have to find a place to store. It's on my calendar along with the evening family dinner on the same day for feasting and presents

  2. Sounds wonderful! Close, cheap (for most of us), multi-tasking (fellowship in a gift), and guaranteed to be yummy! (Especially the gooey baked French toast!)