Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daniel Wilson is graduating right now

Cindi and I dashed down to Whittier High School to watch the graduates walk from the gym to the Vic Lopez Auditorium for graduation. They are in there as I type this, hopefully getting the proper dosage of lackluster speechifying.

Congratulations Daniel! See you at Grandma Pete's in a couple of hours.

[Hmm, a post about Daniel that doesn't include bicycles--could this be a first?]


  1. It's over, Daniel. Hope you feel some joy in that. And it is about to begin anew. Hope you feel some happiness in anticipation.

  2. A passage completed. The best to you in the next stage of your life.

  3. Thanks Cindi for the Creative Memories card with today's picture on it. That was cool! Thanks also Grandma for the veggie version of your great square pizza and the high school senior afghan. I'll be enjoying that in Santa Clarita!