Friday, August 01, 2008

Political Ad: Spears, Hilton, & Give Me A Break

I saw a recent TV campaign ad. The McCain campaign produced and ran a ridiculous ad against Obama. This will probably be a long run of insulting ads. Today I saw a clip of McCain saying he was proud of the ad. I shook my head and rolled my eyes and long for a presidential candidate with better judgment.

The ad starts with a clip of Brittney Spears and of Paris Hilton and it states what a celebrity Obama is. Why Brittney and Paris? How are two 20-something blond women celebrities connected? Sure, they have had the public relations snafus in their recent past. However, neither has done anything negatively noteworthy recently, so can't we give them a break?

And if the point is celebrities can't lead? Reagan? Schwarzenegger? Jesse Ventura? Well, anyway. Still going from Spears, Hilton, to Obama -- that is a stretch.

I would never allow my students to negatively compare a student to two other kids in a similar fashion to this ad. That would be considered disrespectful and inappropriate. Plus, in kindness and compassion, consider Spears' and Hilton's feelings, the feelings of their family and their friends, and model some diginity. Give me a break. It doesn't matter whether I'm pro-McCain or pro-Obama. This ad is juvenile and in bad taste and McCain should distance himself. Obama should ignore it as immaturity.

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