Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's Earthquake [Updated]

While phone service is intermittent, the inter-webs seem to be working.

Where were you and did you feel it?

KPCC Radio is saying 5.8 magnitude centered in Chino Hills or Diamond Bar. Talking about "Whittier Fault!" Although our Whittier earthquake was caused by the Puente Hills fault.

[UPDATE] downgraded to 5.4. One picture fell off the wall and another off the bookshelf in my office. Note to self: get some straps to hold up bookcases in office. Those things sway!

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  1. I was in the little old book shop Uptown. An old lady behind the counter shared an alarmed look with me. I didn't feel as startled as she looked.
    "That was scary," she said.
    The quake lasted less than five seconds by my account, but the lady kept mumbling "it's still going" for a few seconds after the Earth seemed settled.
    I didn't hear or read any immediate briefs about death as a result of the quake, which was good news. The Northridge quake in '94 was a 6.7 magnitude and killed 72 people. according to hrefBBC News