Saturday, March 22, 2008

Crystal Lake - for Aunt Beth

See more pictures here.
Yes, it was green, but not like a swamp.

I talked to a Forest Service worker who was working on a trail at the campground, and he said that since the 2002 fire, Caltrans has put in 25 new toilets--so there is progress being made to restoring the campground. The hold up is the bases of 2 bridges on hwy 39 (San Gabriel Cyn Rd). The water is stagnant and low right now, but he said that they're going to route water from other streams into the bottom of the lake with hoses to aerate it and fill it up.

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  1. Thanks, Daniel. The pictures were great! The water didn't look too bad in the close-up photo. Looking at the building I think I have been there. I'll have to pay attention to the road work and go up when the road is stabilized for cars.