Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headed to Ohio

I'll be spending the weekend with my parents in Ohio. I just checked the weather. High 50's during the day and mid- to high 30's at night. Brrrrr. It will probably feel refreshing. Better pack a bulky coat -- or layers. I am also wondering what I will see from the air as we pass by the local fires. I will return with the Remington holiday travel plans in detail. I'll be checking the blog for the latest family antics while I'm gone. I'll have to go to Panera Bread near my parents home to check e-mail (see photo of me there in July) -- glad the place are wifi and it is free. [This is trip #2 in my recent commitment to visit the folks 3 times a year; plus their trip to the West Coast at Christmas = 4 visits annually...only 3 for 2007, a late start.]

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