Friday, October 12, 2007

At Dinner tonight in St. Louis, MO [corrected]

CCDA Wong & Danley, et al


  1. So how 'bout some explanation of all this. I wouldn't have recognized Craig if you hadn't warned me.

  2. I'm perplexed by the title of the post.

  3. The night of the photo I ate dinner with this group of people in St, Louis, MO where I was attending a conference. Someone wanted a picture to remember the evening. The hostess took the picture with my camera and someone else's. The picture was taken in the restaurant where we ate.

    That one guy looks a little faded but I think he was just tired.

  4. I get it now.

    But the title of the blog reads: "At Dinner tonight is St. louis, MO," which made me think you were eating with someone named Saint Louis, or something.

    Us dorky writers get thrown off by that stuff.

  5. Thanks, Rob, for pointing that out. I have made the correction.