Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Restaurant Ruckus

A couple of months ago Cindi and are eating quietly at Datillo's my new favorite in uptown Whittier when it becomes evident that four men, part of some kind of gang group at a nearby table are singing. It was a party of 8 men and women. Someone at the table immediately adjacent to these singing outlaws engaged them in some sort of conversation and before you know it they are jumping up to seek their revenge--singing in full voice, four part harmony straight at the older gentleman who had started the conversation.

Because one of the singing youths was wearing tee shirt that identified his gang group with a web site, I looked that up just for fun.

Then, earlier this week we are surfing through channels on the TV and who do we see? A whole bunch of these guys singing. Must be some kind of gang initiation.

1 comment:

  1. those some crazy vatos. those fools get capped if they come to my neighborhood. reco'nize.