Friday, June 01, 2007

Have you had trouble logging in?

I had some trouble logging in today. Usually, when I click on my bookmark to go the the "dashboard" page, typically, my browser, or the the site itself, remembers me, enters my user name and password, and there I go. This afternoon, however, that did not happen. I had to try several usernames and passwords until I remembered that I needed to use my gmail account to log in.

Anyway, now I am on and I can blog to my hearts content.

I am working on my third book in as many weeks. Already completed:

The Starfish and the Spider was recommended by a client in Bellflower. It is a popular management book about how groups lead themselves. Alan Alda's book is an autobiography. He talks about the faultiness of memory. Mr. Alda was raised by burlesque performers and spent much of his life trying to adjust his life to the insanity of those around him.

And I am just starting this one:

Mr. Kuo's book is interesting to me as he was one of the authors of the president's faith-based initiative stuff from which I have supported myself of the last few years. Ultimately, he is disillusioned and has become critical of the policies and the programs he helped create.

What are you reading this summer?

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