Monday, February 26, 2007

What's Fair is Clear

Last night, after our hard work as TOC volunteers in Long Beach, Cindi and I made our way over the Vincent Thomas bridge to San Pedro for an evening with Floyd Landis. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for me. Took some pictures, shook Floyd's hand, listened to the presentation on fairness in drug testing in sport.


Big Smile


  1. I've been drifting off task all day remembering the evening and that we got to meet the Tour de France '06 winner and hear him talk about what he is going through. I thought the evening was memorable. Since the group was small (less than 100), it was less of an evening with a celebrity, which gets tiring, and more of hanging out and hearing the whole story. He's nice and smart. It amazes me how paths cross in this world.

  2. i'd buy him another beer for sure.