Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tour of California 2007

What a great couple of days. Sunday Beth and I watched the Prologue in San Francisco. 300,000 people lined the route. Warm day with slight wind. I took pictures sitting next to the team photographer from Healthnet Racing. Monday I worked as a course marshal for Stage Two in Santa Rosa. I was posted to a cross street on the run into town. Spent time with a traveling course marshal from Portland. There are seventy five traveling course marshals. This year there were twenty three openings and a thousand people applied. I had a number of unhappy drivers mad at me when we closed the road. One man in a pickup truck tried to drive past me. The traveling course marshal used his radio and several highway patrolmen showed up. The folks sitting on the sidwalks all were chatty and asked a dozen questions. I enjoyed the interaction and adding to their enjoyment. Tuesday I was a course marshal at the start and finish of the second stage. In the morning I was posted on the section leading out of Santa Rosa. Pretty quiet with the main spectators being the homeless men and women who live in the local park. There were more interested in finding drug connections than the race. I drove to Sacramento and found a parking spot. Not an easy task. Walking around I met up with a couple of course marshals just past the finishing line. Spent the next hour with them keeping flying bags and leaves off the course. We had a small section of course where the barracades were missing. The crowd was real excited and almost pushed us into the path of the riders. Added to the excitement. I am glad I took the time to volunteer. The crowds were loud and the cycling exciting. I will have to revise some of the photos to less pixels and post. This one is from Sacramento. What a rush as they swept by.


  1. I've been waiting for your post. We are really looking forward to Sunday in Long Beach as course marshals.

    Saturday we'll pick up Daniel and head to Santa Clarita just to be spectators and make a day of it.

    I think all the Wilsons are heading to Long Beach on Sunday for the show.

    We watched Phil, Paul, and Bob (and the race) on Versus tonight.

  2. when i look at that picture, i can almost feel my patchy hair getting blown back.

  3. I,too, was anxious for you to post. Great account. Felt like I was there. I want a very easy position as marshal on Sunday! Glen can go for the glamour. What color are the volunteer shirts this year?

  4. You do make it sound fun and exciting. I will be anxiously awaiting the next post from the next part of the family.