Friday, February 04, 2011

Sam LaCara was a genuinely good man. Sincere, positive and always very interested. He was a good role model at a delicate time when I needed to know what a positive attitude could do, and how a grown man should act. You never got off without at least a conversation. But his words were always motivating, not punishing.
What an immense loss for the city of Placerville and the many whom he mentored and cheered over his years as an educator.


  1. What a great testimony you gave about Mr. LaCara. Sounds like many felt as you did. I am grateful that he was there for you.

  2. I appreciated these words. There are not enough like him in the education world. We all grieve the loss.

  3. Even though I did not know Sam, I am deeply saddened by the reality of evil in the world. May God have mercy.