Thursday, June 10, 2010

I ate a breakfast burrito today and the last three days I've worked. I took yesterday off because I work Saturday. The pre-cooked sausage patties I received as part of my monthly food pantry assistance go well wrapped in a tortilla with eggs, cheese and salsa from Superior.
My mechanical horse awaits me in the garage. 7:32 departure time. One hour and ten minutes to ride to work in Monrovia.
June gloom has settled nicely, making morning bike rides very pleasant.
I redesigned a flyer to recruit volunteers for our Back-to-School event at the Santa Anita Race Track coming this August. It is time to recruit new members for Toastmasters meetings which happen weekly. In a vacuum, I was elected to "Sargent at Arms," a silly title that sounds really tough.
I stuck out like a sore thumb at the $75-a-plate Golden Plate Awards Gala last Thursday, also at the track. It was a ritzy event with a lot of Foothill area power players in attendance.
My cell phone is still somehow connected and in my pocket, but not for long. I am not sure who would be more inconvenienced when I remove myself from the wireless network of hand-held tweeters: myself or the advertisers who so eagerly want to connect me to the worldwide advertising Web...
Ooops. Time to depart...


  1. I bloodied my knuckles on a a stucco wall after my 6 am meeting in Bellflower. Come home for an oat-cereal second course for my breakfast.

  2. Is there a ceremony for family members leaving the easy paths of connection? I feel like some rite of unwired passage is in order.