Monday, January 18, 2010


We measure rain by the wetness of the Dog. Gramma Doris measured half an inch overnight. There must have been more than that during the day. Stay tuned.


  1. The National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning for the South Los Angeles, Long Beach and Whittier areas as a powerful new storm moves ashore about an hour ago. After some brief thunder and lightning and lots of wind, it is rather calm now.

  2. Half an inch overnight?! Not more like an inch per hour? At Master's we have to walk through rivers 6 inches deep to get to and from classes. Classes might be canceled tomorrow. Thank you Dr. Varnar for giving me a ride across from lunch!

  3. Update on the rain. 1/2"on Sunday, 1" on Monday, 1" on Tuesday, 2" on Wednesday and .6" today Thursday.