Sunday, December 06, 2009

Weather, precipitation, and your geography

The weather people on our TV stations are in a frenzy about rain. First reports were calling for rain today. Now, it's 80% chance for tomorrow. Kinda cool here today in the 60's. No rain here yet.

But, if you are in Placerville, the weather people are saying 100% chance of snow tomorrow with a high of 32. It's only 31 in Akron with 30% chance of snow tomorrow.

I got some leaves racked off our roofs and a few branches trimmed off of trees today. Cindi has Christmas music playing. Must be December.


  1. The Master's College even got some ice on their sidewalks this morning after yesterday's rain and then last night's clear, cold skies. Some of us were hoping the clear crystals on the ground were pieces of ice, but it was only salt. My 8am class couldn't happen since the professor lives right against the mountains near Frazier Park, and the freeway was closed coming south to Sta Clarita.

    It felt like more of an American Christmas than I've ever experienced with all the decorations in the dorm lounge. 2 fireplaces, a big tree, frost on the windows, letters to Santa on the walls, falling snowflakes. All fake, of course.

  2. *WHAT!?!?!?* Letters to Santa are fake?

  3. You've never experienced an American Christmas before?