Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Sweetness for My Soul

This morning, I was going through a box of accumulated stuff and came across a letter. This letter, postmarked April 7, 1950, didn't even have zip codes in the addresses! Shocking! First class postage: 6 cents.

The return address evidenced my mom was unmarried at the time she wrote the letter. The letter was to my grandparents, my father's parents. My mom mailed this letter 7 days after my dad proposed. Do the math, and yes, my dad proposed on April Fool's Day 1950, but that is another story.

Today, I had the privilege of reading my mom's delight as expressed to her future in-laws about being in love with my dad. I was so happy to read this note, and not even sure how it came my way.

Dick & Jane, at ages 84 & 85, just celebrated their 59th anniversary in August. They are a blessing and example.

It was so touching and fun to take a look back in time today. I am so blessed by their marriage to this day. They still delight in the companionship. They always told and showed me a good marriage is a lot of work, and it is worth it.

So, I am also reminded of the gift a hand-written expression of value can be to generations to come. In this modern rushed life, I hope everyone remembers to write those meaningful notes to those you love. Tangible notes make intangible past moments, times, and relationships real and eternal. I want to cheer everyone on for taking time to write and document your love, joy, and value of moments, memories, and meaningful people.

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