Thursday, October 09, 2008

Laugh, Clap, and Smile

I had fun being in the studio audience yesterday for the taping of two Bonnie Hunt Show episodes, a new talk show on NBC. One show will aire today at noon in the Los Angeles area (channel 4). My friend, Christine , and I were in the front row for that. I wore a purple shirt. The front row was instructed to laugh, smile, and clap because we'd be on camera. We'll see how the editing works out.

We stayed for the second taping which will aire Monday. Elmo was the guest for that show. That was a fascinating performance and Elmo was able to ad lib. I'll tell you what. I haven't laughed so hard in a very long time. In these days of serious political analysis and digging through the fiction for the facts, it was a welcome relief. We were in the back row for that, right side as you face the audience.

By the way, Christine said she thinks Daniel was interviewed by the local Daily News twice. She said it was the right name and the right high school. Daniel, is that true?

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  1. No, I was not interviewed, but I was in the newspaper and will be a few more times. Look Mondays in the Student Life section of the Whittier Daily News.