Sunday, December 02, 2007

So, back to the real world . . .

So, here I am thinking about all these offers of "help." What would really be helpful--of course thinking a towel selection notwithstanding!

It would be fabulous if all these things could be done before the Remingtons arrived on 19 December. Feel free to sign up!
  1. Repair overhead light in guest bedroom (no electricity arriving on the old conductors [wires]). _________________
  2. Finish stripping wall paper in guest bedroom. __________________
  3. Paint guest bedroom and upstairs bathroom (finish a job started long ago). _________________
  4. Fix the floor in downstairs bathroom. _____________________
  5. New tile ______________________
  6. Install toilet and sink. _____________________
And, of course, nothing that a new towel or two couldn't remedy:



  1. If you guys need help selecting qualified applicants, lemme know.

  2. UPDATE: Toilet is in and functional in the downstairs bathroom--thanks Bob and Phil.

    Light in upstairs bedroom (for the Remingtons starting next week) is working--thanks Timothy!

    I think this is all we can do before the new year.

    Now have to go rent a snake to clean out the sewer line from the house to the alley. Yay!