Tuesday, March 27, 2007

California Charter School Conference

I am in San Diego for the conference (see title) with 8 of my colleagues. The conference starts tomorrow. We are looking through the agenda to select "Breakout" sessions to attend. A keynote speaker is "Coach Carter," and others seem to know who that is. I know there was a movie about him, but that is all I know. Most of the sessions are for administrators and teachers of site-based charter schools. Ours is different in that "the community is our campus." So, the classroom management, engaging teaching strategies, and using test data workshops really don't apply in the same way. It is a curious time for me. Not too interesting yet. It should be fun to be with those I work with and the resort is lovely.

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  1. I did meet President Carter once; never met coach Carter that I can remember. Glad you are having fun. Sam wants to know when you are coming home.